Third Place – Aquarius

In third place, but still very respectable, in the list of the smartest zodiac signs – Aquarius, which is controlled by Uranus. Thanks to this planet they are real geniuses. Aquarians like to do everything their own way. This seems like a great habit in cases in which the tried and tested method suddenly doesn’t work.

Even when they are children, the Aquarians differ from others in that their brain is very curious and sometimes they seem a bit like they are aliens. Aquarians really love technology, gadgets and always know all the latest news in this field.

Sometimes Aquarians seem to be one step closer to the future than other people. They like to innovate, experiment with things and in general - they provide hope for humanity!

Second Place – Virgo

This sign, like Gemini, is under Mercury's protection. The Virgos have a brain with analytical capabilities, a truly maddening intellect which is a little scary in its development, event analysis skills, and attention to detail. These zodiac signs are very practical and have good critical thinking skills, which makes it impossible to pull the wool over their eyes.

Wasting time in vain isn’t something that suits Virgos. They test all of their knowledge in the real world, sometimes dealing with science and research. Therefore, Virgos are also the best and most talented doctors. It’s great!

First Place – Gemini

Here it is, the smartest zodiac sign, of course, because Geminis are considered to be children of Mercury, the same Mercury, who, when not busy withdrawing and causing us all trouble, is responsible for logic, general knowledge and intellect. Thanks to Mercury, the Gemini brain is so sharp, and their knowledge is really broad. Even from infancy, the Geminis exhibit very conspicuous curiosity and wisdom.

Geminis solve problems at the speed of light, notice the smallest details, and always know how to extract the most important information from the insane amounts of knowledge they consume. Mercury made sure that the Geminis have a phenomenal memory, quick perception, and incredible intuition.

Sometimes it seems that if you pick a Gemini's brain a little, you can find an answer to every question there. But despite their genius, in many cases these people don’t have much street smarts. And yet – it’s not by chance that astrologers have decided that Gemini is in first place on the list of the smartest zodiacs. Congratulations!


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