They are not only stunning on the outside, they also have additional qualities, which indicate a special character. However, you won’t believe what really makes female Virgos so special.

Have you ever noticed that the most beautiful women in the world were born Virgos? Salma Hayek, Beyoncé, Cameron Diaz and Jada Pinkett Smith - each of these beauties is a Virgo, born between August 23 and September 22.

Is it something about their character traits that makes them so beautiful? Does each one of them stand out at something specific, whether it is their appearance or behavior? For example, who could not help but notice Mother Teresa's inner beauty after seeing her devotion to the sick and poor? Yes, she too was born a Virgo. As we continue to check, we can definitely notice that many famous women and men were born in Virgo or with Venus or Virgo in their astrological birth map.

So let's get real, what makes this zodiac so beautiful in every way? They can be too tense, judgmental, work too hard, and be overly responsible. Aside from that, they are very cautious and even a little neurotic. But along with all of these - they are so beautiful that they just tend to shine!

Virgos love comfort, so you will always find that they have a clean closet full of ironed clothes, a calculated wardrobe and tasteful accessories. Because they are guided by Mercury, female Virgos are proud of everything they do. It’s true that female Virgos tend to be judgmental. They are very critical of everyone around them, but first of all, they are critical of themselves. Their attempts to attain perfection are at the most basic level related to their sense of non-belonging.

If we put judgment and criticism aside, you will not find a better friend than female Virgo. They are nice, considerate, supportive, loyal, understanding and willing to give of themselves completely. They will support their friends and relatives unreservedly and that only adds to their beauty.

Here are five more reasons why women who were born Virgos are the most beautiful zodiac sign in astrology:

They are perfectionists

They always have to look their best. They won’t leave the house in sweatpants and ponytail, as if they’re cleaning the house, even if it’s just to take out the trash or to go to the supermarket. They will always look fresh, in ironed clothes, with every hair in its place.

They are meticulous and love to nurture themselves

They believe in routine. They will be sure to apply the highest quality facial cream and will do so regularly to preserve the effect over time. They use a facial mask, a hair mask and even a lip mask so as to always look their best. Their soaps are the most fragrant or delicate and their perfumes are perfect for them. Female Virgos are living proof that even though beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is also related to the sense of smell.

They are strict regarding their nutrition and health

Female Virgos feel they simply must excel at everything they do and that includes eating. No, it's not about amounts or competitions, but healthy eating. The healthiest possible.

Female Virgos like their diets to contain super foods that give their skin a natural glow, fruits and vegetables that make their hair shiny and vivacious, and healthy fats that don’t clog pores.

They love to exercise

Do you know that feeling you get after a good workout? That's how female Virgos feel all the time. They like to exercise, participate in sports, and watch their figure so that they can look their best.

They are kind and caring

This is one of their most important qualities, the one that makes them so amazing. They are loyal, they love to give, they always support friends and help people who are in their lives. They are considerate, generous and love to make others feel better. There’s no way around it - empathy makes everyone truly beautiful.